Lois Rice

In memory of

Lois Rice passed away May 8th , 2024 at 98 years of age.  Lois has been a Fundholder and Friend of the Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation for over 20 years.  On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Foundation extends our sympathies and condolences to the Rice Family, and all of Lois’s many friends.  In 2003, Lois and her husband, Max, created the Lois and Max Rice Family Fund, and the Lois and Max Rice Fund at the Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation.

The afore-mentioned two Funds are permanent endowment funds that Lois and Max created to support, in perpetuity, charities in our community.  The creation of the two endowment funds goes well beyond that of a financial donation.  It speaks to and a sense of duty to the community whereby everyone, who can, should give back to their community in the way that they are able.  Lois certainly epitomized that sense of duty.

Lois participated on more charity gala committees and capital fundraising committees than I can remember. Lois further supported numerous charitable programs and projects through very substantial financial gifts.  Lois was one of the most generous people I have known with both her donations and her time.

Several years ago, I met Lois at the first donor ‘ask’ event at a fledgling, local Brampton charity.  It was 7pm in October; rainy, dark and cold.  Lois was in her 90’s, at that time; one of the largest and most renowned philanthropists in our community.  She did not have to be there that night.  Yet, there she was – on time and immaculately dressed, as always.  It was a small event comprised of twenty people.  I joked with Lois that I did not expect to encounter her at this event, under the circumstances.  She laughed, and said that she never turns down an invitation; that it is important to show up.  I was impressed by that sentiment; a reminder that it is very important in life to stay engaged, be active and care.  For me, Lois’s greatest legacy will be the example she set as a person.

Lois was always there…beautifully dressed, with a smile, a warm embrace and twinkle in her eye.  Lois loved her community, people and life.  Lois lived her 98 years to the fullest.  An example we should all follow.  Although all of us at the Foundation are saddened by Lois’s passing, we are inspired by the life she led…a life we celebrate.  Rest in Peace, Lois.

-Jim Boyd

President & CEO