James Boyd joined the Foundation in June 2004, as its Executive Director.

James came to the Foundation from a background of banking, trade and finance. This experience, combined with James’ many years of community involvement, meant James was well-positioned to work within the corporate structure of a community foundation, as well as broaden the Foundation’s community and donor outreach.

Currently, the President & CEO, James has led the Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation over the past 16 years from its early, formative days to its current position as a major vehicle for donors and philanthropists who wish to leave a charitable legacy through an endowment fund at the Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation.

James is proud to work in an organization that provides direct and tangible benefit to worthy charities in the community; with the Foundation having granted over 1,000 individual grants to charities worth a value of over $6 million since 2003.

James has lived just outside beautiful Belfountain, Ontario since 2011.