Jim Firth is a Professional Engineer and Partner with Crozier & Associates Consulting Engineers. He has over 30 years’ experience in land development and a specialized background in project management.


Prior to joining Crozier & Associates in 2007, he provided business planning, course design, and engineering services as a consultant to the golf industry. Jim also served as a branch manager and senior project manager for a large consulting engineering firm.


Jim is a senior engineer with a proven track record and a network of established relationships in the industry. Skilled in the evaluation of complex projects and the allocation of resources, he directs multiple project teams to successful outcomes in our Milton office.


Jim oversees a wide variety of land development projects at Crozier & Associates and has played a key role in the growth of the firm’s GTA office in Milton. He is instrumental in business development for the firm. Jim also provides a wealth of experience in the design of rural services, including communal and private sewage systems.


Jim has advised on course curriculum for the Seneca College Golf Course Technician program and served on the Caledon Chamber of Commerce Policy committee. He is President of the Palgrave Rotary Club and the 2015 recipient of Rotarian of the Year.